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Isometric Ruler for Clip Studio Paint

Drawing and designing in an Isometric Perspective within Clip Studio Paint can be a difficult feat to accomplish. 

Until now.

This Ruler and Grid set will allow you to not only visualize your work in Isometric Perspective, but also help you draw in that style as easily as you can use the program's perspective ruler to create in proper perspective.

Included with your purchase are:

  • One Clip Studio Paint compatible (.clip) file containing three layers:
    • A resizeable Isometric Grid
    • An Isometric Ruler
    • A combo Isometric Grid (resizeable) + Isometric Ruler
  • One instructional video, explaining how to register the layers to Materials, add them to a new canvas, and move and resize the layers, as needed.

Please Note: These rulers are only compatible with Clip Studio Paint PRO, and Clip Studio Paint EX (version 1.5.4 and up).