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Composition Guides for Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio 5

An essential tool for any artist or designer, composition guides help frame out a scene. Guides like the Golden Ratio and Rule of Thirds can help an artist understand where to place key objects and points of interest in a scene or comic panel, enhancing it in ways he or she may not have initially realized.

And now, you can frame out your scene in Manga Studio 5 and Clip Studio with these custom Composition Guides.

The following guides are included in the Manga Studio .lip file:
  • Golden Ratio
  • Golden Ruler (Golden Ratio Variation)
  • Golden Spiral (Golden Ratio Variation)
  • Golden Mean (Golden Ratio Variation)
  • Rule of Thirds
Each of these guides come in two forms: A Vector Guide (for a simple visual cue), and a Ruler (to draw along, or design your own visual cue).

Included with your purchase:
- Composition.lip (a Manga Studio/Clip Studio file, containing all of the guides)
- Preview Images of each guide (used when registering your guides to Materials)
- An Instructional Video explaining how to register your guides, add them to a page, and then transform and adjust them as needed.
- A transcript of the instructional video.

Please Note: These rulers are only compatible with Manga Studio 5, Manga Studio 5 EX, Clip Studio Paint, and Clip Studio Paint EX.