Doug Hills Art & Instruction

Curvilinear Rulers for Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio 5

Clip Studio Paint makes it extremely easy to create a scene in one, two, or three point perspective. However, it's not as easy to create a scene using curvilinear perspective.

At least, not until now.

Using a combination of perspective and elliptical rulers, I have designed a set of curvilinear rulers that will help you create a scene as though viewed through a concave or fisheye lens. Now you can push your imagination one step further and create scenes you never thought (or were maybe too intimidated) to try.

Included with this set are:

  • a Four Point Perspective Ruler
  • a Five Point Perspective Ruler
  • a readme file containing instructions on how to install and use the rulers in Manga Studio.

Please Note: These rulers are only compatible with Manga Studio 5, Manga Studio 5 EX, Clip Studio Paint PRO, and Clip Studio Paint EX.