Doug Hills Art & Instruction

Rulers: A Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Field Guide

Sometimes, all you need to get the most out of an experience is a great guide.

Doug Hills, author of Manga Studio for Dummies (2008), has developed this detailed exploration of Rulers for Manga Studio 5/Manga Studio 5 EX and Clip Studio/Clip StudioEX to give you that edge.

Whether you are a new user trying to understand all of your options, an intermediate user transitioning from Manga Studio 4/4EX, or an experienced user just looking for new ways to think about your work, this Field Guide provides the technical explanations, screen samples and step-by-step instructions needed to bring your creations to life in the digital world.

Available formats for purchase include:

  • ePub (for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and most commercial eReaders)
  • MOBI (for Amazon Kindle)
  • PDF (for reading on your computer or for printing out pages)
  • ePub + PDF bundle
  • Kindle + PDF bundle
  • ePub + Kindle + PDF bundle

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